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COVID-19 Informational Resources

General Information 

Indiana State Department of Health Novel Coronavirus Information Page: https://coronavirus.in.gov/

Indiana State Department of Health 24-7 coronavirus call center: 877-826-0011

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Coronavirus (COVID-19) – What you Need to Know: http://bit.ly/CDCcoronavirusNTK

Frequently Asked Questions about Gov. Holcomb's Stay-At-Home Order: https://bit.ly/StayHomeFAQ


To contact the Department of Workforce Development regarding unemployment insurance: http://bit.ly/DWDUnemployment or call 800-891-6499


To contact the Indiana Department of Revenue while in-person services are closed: https://bit.ly/IDORcontact or call 800-232-2240

Assistance for business owners affected by COVID-19, including information on federal disaster loans: https://bit.ly/COVIDbusiness or call the Indiana Economic Development Corporation

at 800-463-8081

If your business can help Indiana fight COVID-19 by sharing or producing medical supplies, or in any other way, please email covidresponse@iedc.in.gov


To view Indiana Department of Education COVID-19 Resources for Indiana Schools: http://bit.ly/DOEschoolresources

To view college campuses’ guidance on COVID-19 response policies: http://bit.ly/CHEcovid

Social Services

To apply for Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) benefits: https://bit.ly/FSSAbenefits or call 800-403-0864

To find information on a variety of community resources: https://bit.ly/IN211 or call 2-1-1

Courts and Corrections 

Indiana Department of Correction COVID-19 response policies: http://bit.ly/DOCcovid

To learn about free calls to offenders: http://bit.ly/DOCfreecalls

Indiana Supreme Court directory of contacts for local courts and clerks: https://bit.ly/ContactINcourts

Other Resources 

To submit business-related complaints (including scams and price gouging): http://bit.ly/AttGenIN or call 800-382-5516

To complete BMV transactions remotely while branches are closed: http://bit.ly/BMVcovid or call 888-692-6841

For military families and veterans – special application for COVID-19 emergency assistance from the Military Family Relief Fund: http://bit.ly/MFRFcovid or call 800-400-4520

To find information from the Federal Trade Commission on avoiding work-from-home scams: https://bit.ly/FTCworkfromhome

Announcements from State Leaders

To view videos of state officials providing updates on the state’s COVID-19 response: https://bit.ly/GovVideoUpdates

Gov. Holcomb’s Executive Orders: https://bit.ly/INExecOrders

Indiana State Department of Health News Releases: https://bit.ly/ISDHNewsroom

Indiana Family and Social Services Administration News Releases: https://bit.ly/FSSANewsroom

Indiana Department of Workforce Development News Releases: https://bit.ly/DWDNewsroom